We Are Brand Flap,
A Corporate Branding Agency.

Your potential clients will form an opinion about your brand within the first few seconds of interacting with it and you. They are judging your business’s logo, your designs, and your content. The outcome will determine if they trust your business, or not. We believe there are key aspects to branding a company successfully. One of these key aspects of building a brand is consistency.

Take New Heights with Brand Flap.

There are 3 ways promotional products and corporate branded merchandise are really effective. In their pocket, in their hand or on their desk! Therefore branded office stationery is a highly relevant category to getting your brand and message into your customer’s office. Brand Flap supply a large range of branded office stationery.

Major Brands Trust Us

Breathing life into brands through stunning design

When it comes to customer experience, our services are designed to not only build loyalty, but also love.

Promotional clothing and gifts is imprinted with a company’s name, logo or message. These items can be incorporated in marketing and communication campaigns. They are used to endorse a product, service or company agenda.

Most startups and small businesses don’t know how to brand themselves affectively.

Often they will stick a random logo on t-shirts and business cards and consider themselves a brand. Branding is so much more than that, it is about the feeling people have when they come across your business. It is about creating a meaningful connection with your visitors.

Customer Tribe Design

Company culture is one of the key points all businesses should focus on, it show to your employees and customers who you are and where you are going.


Brand Definition, Brand Architecture, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, Brand Communications, Brand Trackings, we are experts with the word Brand.

Corporate Branding

Small brands should not act like small brands, otherwise they will never grow. Build a true corporate identity & culture true items branding.

Brand Marketing

Marketing doesn't stop where you think, it goes way further once you understand what really a brand is. Most powerfull marketing is physical.

Company Culture

Company culture is the best way to retranscribe your brand and empower your employees to your standards & objectives.

Design & Style

We are experts in design, all projects are treated with good taste, design is a way to retranscribe the quality of your company.

Any Effort To Get Customers is Marketing

Any Effort To Get Customers & Keep Them is Branding

If you visit the major & successful brands around the globe you will find in their offices a lot of custom items with their brand on it, this shows how big and serious they are to spread the company culture & identity, not only on the walls. We value our customers & offer tailor-made services, perfection is a dream, whatever, on our road to our dream, we will for sure meet excellence.

Brand Flap is the agency brands choose to get their brand & image created, refined, or revised. We create a strong internal company identity and culture.
Whatever your brand needs, we will help you find the right path & leverage that change to help you drive better your business.
Brand recognition help with your customers but also with your teams, recruitment, and overall brand identity.

Brand Flap is the agency brands choose to get their brand & image created, refined, or revised. We create a strong internal company identity and culture.
Whatever your brand needs, we will help you find the right path & leverage that change to help you drive better your business to higher levels.
Brand recognition help with your customers but also with your teams, recruitment, and overall brand identity.

Corporate Items & Products Physical Branding.

This is a non-exhaustive list, we are offering tailor-made services, whatever is your need & expectations we are confident we will fulfill them, contact us.

We are offering worldwide branding & Identity design consulting services, you do not need to buy anything from us to gain from our expertise & creativity. We can analyze your actual environment & bring you the extra flame you missed to break to the next level your company aims for.

  • Employee Tribe & Culture Design
  • Culture Definition
  • Purpose Development
  • Values and Ways of Working
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Culture Activation Planning
  • Workspace Design & Management
  • “Chill” Place design for Socialisation.
  • Culture Activation Planning
  • Employee Experience Design
  • Service Experience Design
  • Internal Communications and Playbooks
  • Recruitment and Retention Campaigns
  • Digital Tools
  • Culture Reminders
  • Employee Sentiment and Engagement Tracking
  • Concept Testing
  • Recruitment and Retention Campaign Measurement
  • Employee Journey Measurement

Corporate Items & Products Physical Branding.

Here are some examples of businesses that we already helped growing their identity & company culture.

BrandFlap is used working with steady startups & established brands, our power is that we do everything ourselves & test it before on our partners & group brands, whathewer your project scale is, we create businesses identity & company culture true physical branding.

We can take all this hard process from you, we will create for you the design & combine them with products that you will be proud showing in your desk & locals & offer them to your employees & customers, the value you will get with that simple change with your visitors, new employees & customers is invaluable and is in our opinion the step needed to break the limit you are in.

Our services are not unexpensives but they are valuable, you ROI & global benefits will be enormrous, this is why our service is not for everyone, if you are a Startup or Young Business & your obective is to give to your brand value by strong visual & physical identity, you should follow our couruses to learn it by yourself

If you are an established business in your game field and want to renew your identity or make it stronger, if you have a oneshop event for wich one you need special products like usb keys branded, t-shirts branded, hats branded, mouse pads, etc. We can meet your expectations with our high sense off creativty & passion.

  • Luxury Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • E-commerces
  • Web Agencies
  • Trading & Banking Companys.
  • Insurance Companys
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Private Security Agencies
  • Physical Shops
  • Private Schools
  • Car Workshops & Garages
  • Call Centers & Data Centers
  • Information &  IT Businesses

Why are you compelling and different?

We design and build experiences & products for your crew  & employees that help them not only better understand your company’s meaning, objectives & strengths, but also your company’s culture and the role they play in it. In this way, they can better deliver on your brand’s promise and being involved with their own soul, like it is their own business, because, it is. This means employees don’t just wait for the end of the day to go home & watch Netflix, they recruit for you & fight for your business like it is their own.

Brand outside & inside, We design & build culture for your employees.

We are going to imagine a situation with branded products used inside your business to differentiate yourself & be always one step further than the mass competition surrounding you & copying you, something can not be copied, creativity is one of them.
Let’s imagine one instant that you receive a visit from a customer for example.

  • 1 – He is greeted by your staff dressed in an outfit wearing your brand, then invited to wait on a comfortable sofa in which he can see a cushion with your brand on it.
  • 2 – He is then offered to take a drink while he waits, if he decides on a tea or a coffee it will be served in a mug cup bearing your mark on it, if he decides on another drink, it will be served in a branded glass.
  • 3 – In awaiting his appointment he can admire your art on the wall with your brand on it, and the sublime wall-clock which indicates the time, but also your identity with your logo, we are in 2020, so we live with our times also as a company, he can find a tablet on the table inside a beautiful cover with your brand on it, he can spend his time learning about your company, your products & projects.
  • 4- The meeting time arrives, in your office this time, you hand him a pen with your logo on it, to sign the contract, which you obviously offer to keep (free advertising) he can see your mouse pad as well as your desk protection with your brand written on them.
  • 5 – It’s time to leave, depending on the profile of your visitor you can offer him or her goodies for him or his children / other, for example, cap, puzzle, USB key containing photos about the project & data (with your brand on it) a T-shirt, sweatshirt, keyring.
    Or a porcelain business branded
    mug so that every day when he drinks his coffee he thinks about you & reminds him he should do more business with you.
  • 6 – Until offering goodies you can serve a glass of champ, bring inside a branded ice bucket.
  • 7 – You put all the goodies inside a branded biodegradable tote bag, which is durable and can be reused.